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*4oz Facial Cleanser 

"COQUETTE" (FLIRT) -Our Luxurious, plant-based, Daily Facial Cleanser provides gentle & effective daily cleansing.  Toxin-free. It is rich in natural antioxidants for ultimate free-radical protection and also works to keep skin clear of acne and breakouts. Delicately scented with rose. 

Directions: Use daily, morning and night, for optimum skin cleansing & softening.  Finish with LAUDUN TM “Rose Water Frost” Facial Toner.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Organic TAMANU OIL-  Organic Moringa Oil, Organic Plaintain Leaf Extract- Organic Damasc Rose

* 4oz Facial Toner


Our Original, botanical, Daily Facial Toner provides naturally gentle & effective daily toning of skin. Wonderful to use following facial cleansing- its delightful, cooling scent will revive your skin and your senses!  Made with the purest botanical essential oils, extracts & soothing, anti-inflammatory Cucumber Extract;  Pure Rose Damasc Water, so only a small amount is needed for ample treatment of face & neck; noticeably firms, tones & prepares skin to receive moisture. ALCOHOL FREE

Directions: Use daily, morning and night, for optimum skin toning & preparation for moisturizing. Gently press down on the spray nozzle, and lightly spray the toner around the face; or spray a small amount of toner onto a gauze pad or cotton ball and gently apply around face using circular motion.  

KEY INGREDIENTS: Organic Cucumber, Citrus & Rose Damasc



+Contains Absolutely NO harshChemicals,Synthetic Preservatives,Petro-chemicals (like Mineral Oil),Parabenor Phthalates-completely Non-Toxic.



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