Our Principles

Laudun Principles...

We understand how important your skin is and that is why, we like to be the people that know
exactly what your skincare products are made of.

At Laudun, we relentlessly spend our days working to source the very best of products that meet the USDA regulations.
Staying close to our natural roots, our products are easily notable in the market. Our distinct love for natural products and all things organic keeps us constantly reminded that what is not good for the skin, is not worth going in our products. We like to keep you and the world safe— and far away from chemicals and GMO ingredients that are known to cause long term damages. Keeping away from cruel animal testing, our products are packed in fancy glass and pretty recycled plastic packaging respecting the INCI guidelines.

Our love for organic skincare, trust in our product partners and their expertise along with a heritage of crafting products from natural extracts makes us sure of what we create. Our fundamental value is to be at the heart of a natural life and to bring the world closer to it— one step at a time.