Our Story

                                       Handpicked Organic Ingredients                              

      I ardently believe that beauty should be natural, not synthetic. Our ideology is wrapped in the belief that what we offer reflect nature and honesty.

Nature has always been part of my life growing up thanks to my grandmother that educated me about the medicinal values & qualities of the plants and to use them to create creams for the care of my skin or shampoos for my hair, and body lotions richly perfumed with herbals. 

At Laudun, we strive to make the safest, purest and the most ethical skincare products just like grandma Mama Jeanne taught me Using vintage family recipes, Laudun™ brings you skin care products that truly do look after your skin. Made using only elements directly extracted from the earth, organic skincare is more than just an investment for your health— it is also about making a positive change in the world. You could either fully embrace all things organic or make a difference with your choice of skincare, it all joins the dots towards a better you and a better world.

Choose the highest quality and the most effective skin products devised with a natural beauty and health in mind— choose  Cosmetiques Laudun™ because real beauty is skin deep.

                             My grandmother Jeanne, has blessed me with extensive knowledge in natural skincare recipes, and with gratitude and joy, I am happy to share them with you" :)  Anna Laudun Beauboeuf


 Cosmetiques Laudun™ was founded by Anna Laudun Beauboeuf, CEO, grand-daughter of Jeanne Gabriel Laudun, whose nearly century-old beauty recipes are the foundation of the company’s lovely skin care line. Anna was born in Montreal, Canada raised by her grandparents in Petion Ville Haiti.  In 1993, Anna moved to Miami Florida where she lives with her husband and her two sons.  In 2010 in collaboration with herbalists, chemists, marketers, all with extensive experience in the cosmetics and organic skin care industries Cosmetiques Laudun was born. Beauboeuf has stated that the company’s primary focus is “to create basic, fresh products that satisfy the most discerning customer. 

 The Laudun is committed to providing its customers with pure, organic, luxury skin care products that are safe, healing and environmentally friendly. Beauboeuf further notes, “the ‘Cosmetiques Laudun’ organic skincare line is based on beauty recipes from my grandmother Mama Jeanne who composed her creams from plants, flowers hand-picked in her garden at the hillside suburban town of Petion Ville.

Each product is created with ingredients that come straight from the earth: herbs, flowers, and plants hand picked. Our products are handmade & address a variety of skin ailments, like many skin care products you commonly find on the shelves today, yet our ingredients are devoid of synthetics, dyes, and chemicals. They are simple and effective, yet not harmful to the environment.” Beauboeuf is a staunch believer in using strictly organic, pure and simple ingredients in her line. Cosmetiques Laudun™ products are quite beautifully simple, utilizing vintage family recipes that have proven to be effective for nearly a century.   


Our Principles...

We understand how important your skin is and that is why we like to be the people that know exactly what your skincare products are made of. At Laudun, we relentlessly spend our days working to source the very best of products that meet the USDA regulations. Staying close to our natural roots, our products are easily notable in the market.

Our distinct love for natural products and all things organic keeps us constantly reminded that what is not good for the skin, is not worth going to our products. We like to keep you and the world safe— and far away from chemicals and GMO ingredients that are known to cause long-term damages. Keeping away from cruel animal testing, our products are packed in a fancy glass and pretty recycled plastic packaging respecting the INCI guidelines. Our love for organic skin care, trust in our product partners and their expertise along with a heritage of crafting products from natural extracts makes us sure of what we create. Our fundamental value is to be at the heart of a natural life and to bring the world closer to it— one step at a time.